This content is for the Kenek Edge pulse oximeter.

Intended Use

The Kenek Edge pulse oximeter by LionsGate Technologies (LGThealth) is an iOS app (available from Apple App Store) and audio-port finger sensor (available from for spot-checking blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate. It is intended for users wanting to measure these vital signs before or after they engage in different activities and conditioning exercises. The device should only be used while the user is not moving and not engaging in vigorous activity. 

The Kenek Edge pulse oximeter is not a medical device and is not intended or available for sale for medical or clinical use by physicians or patients.

Create Recordings of Data

The Kenek Edge pulse oximeter can record measurements of SpO2 (blood oxygen saturation) and pulse rate.  Once a reliable measurement is achieved on the app, a Record button appears (small triangle pointing right or showing REC).  By pressing the Record button, the app begins recording.  A Stop button then appears.  The recording continues until either the user presses Stop or the recording timer finishes (default 8 hours).  

         During recording, a new set of values is added once per second (1 Hz).  The values recorded are

  • Date/Time - date/time of that set
  • Pulse Rate - rate of heart beasts - in beats per minute
  • SpO2 - blood oxygen saturation - in percentage
  • Signal Quality - quality of data sampled from the sensor - no units (1-100)

Changing Recording Duration

To change the duration on the recording timer, tap the small clock icon in the upper right of the measurement screen.  A series of dials representing hours, minutes and seconds will appear.  Change the dials to the desired recording period.  Then press the "< Back" in the upper left to return to the measurements.

The default duration is 8 hours.  The maximum recording duration is 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds (e.g. 24 hours, 86400 sets of data).  The minimum is 0 second (1 set of data).

View Recorded Data

The recordings are found under the History menu item on the starting screen of the Kenek Edge app.  Each recording shows the date and time of the recording, the duration recorded, and an average value of SpO2 and heart rate from the data recorded.

To view the all of the data in a recording, export the data via email - either to yourself or to someone else.  See the Export section below for details.  All of the data values in the recording (one value per second) will then be visible.

In the History section, the user can also add notes to the recording by tapping the pen-on-paper icon in the lower left.  The user can also export the recording via email by touching the box-with-upward-arrow icon. 

Export Recorded Data

One or all recordings can be exported via email.  To export all recordings, tap the box-with-upward-arrow icon in the upper left corner of the screen.  All recordings will be included in the email export file.  The email export file will be CSV or comma-separated-value format.  This format is human readable as well as easily imported to spreadsheet programs like Excel, Numbers, or gSheets.

To export one recording, tap the box-with-upward-arrow icon on the recording to be exported.  The single recording will be included in the email export file.

After tapping the export icon, the user will be shown an email message with the recording file.  The user can specify the email address to send the exported recording.  The user can add or change Subject or Body message before sending.  

To export all recordings, tap the box-with-upward-arrow icon in the upper right of the screen.  All of the recordings will be exported together in one file (with different dates on each set).

NOTE:  If you are having any difficulty export due to a Mail configuration issue, check our article on debugging your mail:

Delete Recorded Data

One or all recordings can be deleted.  To delete one entry, swipe left with one finger - a red Delete box will be shown.  Click on Delete to permanently delete the recording.  

To delete all entries, delete the entire Kenek Edge app from your Apple device.  Touch the Kenek Edge app icon lightly and continuously until it shows an 'X' in the corner of the icon and is wiggling from side-to-side.  Click on the 'X' to delete the app and all data.  Then download the Kenek Edge app again from the App Store and install.  NOTE:  You will have to re-validate the sensor and enter your account information again.