This content applies to Kenek Edge pulse oximeters.


  • iOS device configurations
  • Device volume control
  • iPhone 6/6+ issues
  • Lightning Port Adaptor
  • Country of origin

What iOS device configuration settings are required? 

The configuration of your Apple device impacts the operation of the Kenek app and sensor. The default iOS configuration will operate the Kenek app and sensor correctly. If the Kenek sensor is not operating correctly, check these device configuration settings:

  • Ensure that the volume on your device is set to maximum while the sensor is inserted into the audio port on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Ensure the Kenek app (Edge or O2) is authorized to access the microphone. Select Settings -> Privacy -> Microphone and confirm the Kenek app is authorized to access the microphone.

  • Ensure the device volume limit is set to maximum. Select Settings -> Music -> Volume Limit and confirm it is off.
  • Ensure the music equalizer (EQ) is disabled. Select Settings -> Music -> EQ and confirm it is off

  • Ensure sound is balanced between left and right channels. Select Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Hearing and confirm the channel balance slider is in the middle
  • Ensure Mono Audio is disabled. Select Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Hearing and confirm Mono Audio is off.

NOTE:  You may want to try turning each setting on and then off again if your sensor is still not working.

The volume is set to maximum, but when I plug in the sensor it tells me to turn up the volume.

Your device keeps track of a volume level for the internal speaker and a separate volume level for headphones. Plug the sensor into your device and then increase the volume to maximum. This will adjust the headphone volume required for correct operation.

The Kenek app does not find the sensor attached to my device?

  • Is your Apple device an iPhone 6 or 6+?  Check this ALERT

  • Are you using a Lightning Port Adaptor? Ensure that it is working properly and made by Apple

    • Unplug Lighting Port adaptor and replug 
    • Inspect the sensor for signs of damage. Do not attempt to use a damaged sensor.

    • Ensure the audio plug at the end of the sensor is inserted completely and directly into your Apple device.

      • Remove audio splitters, external amplifiers, or audio cable extensions. 

      • Remove protective device cases.

The Kenek sensor still does not operate correctly.

Occasionally, the mobile device audio system stops responding correctly. Older devices are more susceptible to this issue, but it can happen to with any device. Reboot your device to restore complete audio system functionality. Please contact support if the issue continues.

I cannot find the Kenek app in the app store.

The Kenek Edge app is available in USA and Canada. The Kenek O2 app is available in Canada only. Installing a Kenek app in a country that it does not support may result in the error “iTunes store not supported in your country”. Please contact support for additional information.